Blooming pouis!

Poui trees are in full bloom around Trinidad! It’s such a blessed and beautiful sight to see, but I don’t have a camera (as yet) that’ll capture the pouis in their full glory, as phone cameras do no justice.

Still, I’ll like to share these photos.


PHOTOS TAKEN BY: Me (La Petite Muse Photography)


Celebrate life!

Life. I tend to take it for granted, that is, until some unforeseeable event hits close to home, and I open my eyes to all that I’ve been taking for granted. In the past few months, I’ve lost relatives, acquaintances, and elderly friends to various illnesses. My youngest sister was hospitalized – twice! – for fluids on her chest and lungs. She just returned home, and although she’s resting now, there’s a surgery that has to be done as soon as possible.

With all that’s been going on, I’ve decided that I need to celebrate life. Every single day that God gifts to us, should be a celebration. Even the days that I’ll stay in, sleep late, and wake to a late breakfast! Even the days that I don’t consider good.

I don’t know what’s on the horizon, but 2022 is going to be a year for the celebration of life.

MODEL: My beautiful BFF, Tammy

DEVICE MODEL: Samsung A03 (Tammy’s phone)

PHOTOS TAKEN BY: Me (La Petite Muse Photography)

Greetings from the island!

Hello! Hello! And welcome to my new blog. If you look around, you’ll realize that a header has not been put up as yet and the theme needs to be properly customized. This blog is actually a work in progress, and you may get to see it come together from the ground up if you stick around.

To be honest, I’m more organized than this when it comes to blogging, and I have no business opening another blog when I’m already managing a few, but this project has been in the pipeline for two years now, so I decided to open the blog and get over it before I change my mind.

I’ll talk more at length on what I hope to achieve with this blog at another time, but for now, welcome to Passport to Trinidad! I’m glad you’re here. Soon – hopefully – I’ll be sharing my home with you.

Caribbean Trinidad Sticker by IZA Islander for iOS & Android | GIPHY